Upcoming Events

Human Capital 3.0 team members have been featured at several conferences, speaking on topics from executive coaching to customized training and development programs, all within the realm of human resources. 

April 20, 2020 -  Orlando, FLA: SHRM NationalTalent Conference -
The Blind Audition: Tackling Ageism is Your Recruiting and Promotion Practices

July 24th, 2019 - SHRM Long Island Summer program keynote presenter - Decisions, Decisions, Who's side do you take when Senior Management Breaks the Law?

The Last HR Jedi Tour 2018:

March 13 – Washington DC: SHRM Legislative conference  – Decisions, Decisions, Who’s Side Do You Take When Senior Management Breaks the Law?  

April 16 – Las Vegas, Nevada:  SHRM Talent Management conference The Performance Review Dilemma. To Continue, Change or Eliminate – Whats an HR Practitioner to Do?

April 17 – Las Vegas, Nevada: SHRM Talent Management conference –Catching the Next wave, Embracing A.I. and the Digital Revolution in your Recruitment Processes

June 18 – Chicago, Illinois: SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition –   MEGA SESSION The Performance Review Dilemma. To Continue, Change or Eliminate – Whats an HR Practitioner to Do?

June 19 – Chicago, Illinois: SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition –SMART STAGE The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Side of HR Part 2

September 23 and 24 - Albany, NY: New York State SHRM Conference  - The Performance Review Dilemma

October 11 - DisruptHR - Melville, NY - Lets Make HR SEXY

Whats new for 2017:
October 26, 2017  Mid-Hudson Valley SHRM annual conference
November 1-3, 2017 Paylocity annual client meeting in Chicago
June 18-21, 2017  SHRM 2017 Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans.

 Whats New for 2016:

January 21, 2016 - DisruptHR NYC 

June 19-22, 2016 - 
SHRM D.C. 2016 - Annual Conference and Exhibition in Washington DC 

September 18-20th, 2016 - NY State SHRM Conference  in Lake Placid, NY

Check back soon for additional updates!

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